Monday, 16 May 2011

Finding Brighton Hotels During the Festival

Brighton is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, so it can be a challenge to find somewhere to stay. And during the Brighton Festival throughout May the city is even more vibrant than normal attracting a broad cross section of visitors.

You might have used generic hotel websites and directories for other cities, where you never seem to find exactly what you are looking for, but Brighton has its own local hotel website Hotels Brighton as part of

Navigation of Hotels Brighton is very user friendly giving you simple key information about things like budget and size, pictures as well as the essential information about each Brighton hotel's main services.

On Hotels Brighton you can search specifically for things like guesthouses and B&Bs in Brighton, medium hotels in Brighton, boutique hotels in Brighton and self catering in Brighton. And, unlike many other hotel websites, it is kept up to date by people living in and around Brighton and Sussex, who know the area because of many years getting to know the hotel owners. Furthermore, you can actually use the site to book directly with the hotel avoiding unnecessary third party fees.

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printer ink said...

as a taxi driver i know the city well i just wanted to say what a good job youve done presenting this blog and the city to the world