Thursday, 8 March 2012

Come Visit Brighton This Easter!

With metrological Spring having sprung, it means Mother's Day and Easter are upon us. So what better than a short break by-the-seaside and a chance to enjoy and explore Brighton while it's still relatively quiet.

Maybe a long weekend at a bed and breakfast, or for those with a penchant for the more upmarket then a few snatched lazy nights in one of the city’s highly recommended hotels?

Once you are in the city then thoughts turn to nights-on-the-town and long lazy days of shopping and eating-out. Plus, the city is blessed with a brand new community sports stadium (home of Championship side, Brighton & Hove Albion), and the all-new Brighton Wheel.

Various city venues play host to See Festival, which runs from 24th March to 1st April. Billed as a documentary film extravaganza, it is headlined by the eccentric and never-less-than-entertaining, Shaun Ryder.

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